Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who reads who...??....!!!

Isn't it frustrating
when your favourite author
seems to take forrrr...everrrr to write
Why not read some
of the authors they
like to read!
Here is a list
of some that I have found....
Anne McCaffrey  has read books by  Terry Pratchett
Tess Gerritsen            .............           Chris Mooney
both like to read...
In case you are wondering , I have
found this out by looking
at authors I haven't read before ,
and looking to
see who has read them :)
I hope you enjoy
the list .  I will add more
when I come across them .
Happy reading , Jenny

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monuments Men

What a read!
I have just finished reading...
While we all know something
about the history of previous wars, but it is
amazing what else went on!
Have you ever really considered
how a lot of historical artworks survived
the wars?   I found this book a real 'eye opener'
as to what happened.
Many might find a
non-fiction book 'heavy' going, but
if you appreciate books, I'm sure you will
be glad to read this book.
I have had this book on my shelf for quite
a while now, and realise it has recently been made into
a movie - I haven't seen it, but hope it does justice to both
the history, and the book.
I hope you enjoy it too.
Happy reading, Jenny