Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Recent read.....

Hi everyone, if you
enjoy reading Danielle Steele, you
might like to try....
The J. M. Barrie Ladies' Swimming Society
This was my second time reading
this book, and I enjoyed it just as
much as the first time.
Let me know what
you think :)
Happy reading, Jenny


Friday, July 25, 2014

Update.....Robert Galbraith book.....

Hi everyone, I hope
your week has been a good one.
In my last post, I mentioned
I was going to read the book by
Robert Galbraith... aka J. K. Rowling.
It's taken a bit of perseverance
for the first 20 odd pages because of the
pace, but I stuck with it a bit longer than that.
Admittedly, I'm possibly
being a bit prud-ish, but I'm
finding the language a bit off-putting, so
I think you will have to read it
yourselves to decide if
it is a book you would
recommend to others or not.
Whatever you're
reading, I hope you
have a lovely weekend.
Happy reading,  Jenny :)

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hi readers, I hope
you all had a lovely weekend.
I've noticed some controversy
has stirred up again about the
of Harry Potter book fame, as her
second book is published
under the pseudonym....
The books written
as Robert Galbraith are aimed
for adults, and are
detective/mystery novels.
(I have just
requested one from
the library to see
what they are like.)
Now that it is common
knowledge that the two authors
mentioned above are
one and the same, I can understand
her using a different name -
imagine if
Fifty Shades of Grey
had been written by
Enid Blyton, Dr. Seuss,
or C.S. Lewis....
how would you explain to
kids that they aren't allowed to
read a book by their
favourite author?!!!!!!!
(Before I go, in case you
were wondering, no, I haven't read
Fifty Shades)
On that note, I hope
you have a lovely week, and
manage to find some
time to read :)
Happy reading, Jenny

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Books written by Archer.....

Hi I readers, I hope
your week is
going well.
This post is a
little bit of trivia for
readers who enjoy books like
Shall we tell the President?
My reason for
posting about this author, is
because there are
TWO authors with the
surname Archer....
the other one is
I have to admit, I haven't
read books by either one, but
I have noticed many people
are unaware there are two!
I'm posting this to
suggest you try them both
and see what you think - not to
suggest one author
in preference to another!
I hope this has
been of interest to someone
out there :)
In the meantime,
happy reading,  Jenny

Monday, July 7, 2014

Recent read.....

Hi readers,
I have just finished reading
the latest title of
the Bob Skinner series by
This series started with
Skinner's Rules, and
are murder/mystery novels set in
The most recent book in the series is called...
Hour of Darkness.
The books can be read as
'stand alone' books, but if you
prefer to read them in sequence, the
story continues from book to book
with his daughter growing up, etc. and
promotions of police officers.
If I had to offer a similarity to give you
an idea what the books are like, I would
have to say the t.v. show
'Dalziel and Pascoe'
which has been on the A.B.C.
over the years.
Hopefully this will
give you an idea what to
expect before adding them to
your list of new authors
to try.
Let me know what
you think :)
Happy reading,  Jenny

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dear Followers.......

yes, it's me!
As you know, I have taken
a considerable break from blogging,
and my computer.
What have I been doing? 
Quite a lot of reading.
I still feel hesitant about
getting back to my craft blog, and
travelling around 'Blog land', but
given my love of books, I have decided
to change this blog from
craft based, and use it to let people know
about books I have read.
Apologies for not visiting
you in the land of 'Blog'.
As I said earlier, I'm still not ready to
commit to blogging full on, and
will only be adding posts to this blog from
time to time, but thought you might like to know
what is going on when you
notice new posts!
I do plan to make some changes, and
mention some of my 'reading material' posts
from time to time.  I also plan to reply to
comments on my blog, but am still on
'vacation mode' as far as travel around
'Blog land' is concerned.
I think that covers
everything!  I hope everyone
is keeping well., and
having a lovely weekend.
In the meantime, best wishes, and
happy reading,  Jenny