Monday, July 14, 2014


Hi readers, I hope
you all had a lovely weekend.
I've noticed some controversy
has stirred up again about the
of Harry Potter book fame, as her
second book is published
under the pseudonym....
The books written
as Robert Galbraith are aimed
for adults, and are
detective/mystery novels.
(I have just
requested one from
the library to see
what they are like.)
Now that it is common
knowledge that the two authors
mentioned above are
one and the same, I can understand
her using a different name -
imagine if
Fifty Shades of Grey
had been written by
Enid Blyton, Dr. Seuss,
or C.S. Lewis....
how would you explain to
kids that they aren't allowed to
read a book by their
favourite author?!!!!!!!
(Before I go, in case you
were wondering, no, I haven't read
Fifty Shades)
On that note, I hope
you have a lovely week, and
manage to find some
time to read :)
Happy reading, Jenny

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