Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hi readers, I have
recently finished reading...
Prince of Fire
The main character in his books, is
Gabriel Allon - a restorer of old paintings...
and an assassin.
To describe the character, I guess
Allon is the Isreali version of the
C.I.A., James Bond, etc.  Admittedly, the story
line does sometimes involve the political
situation in Israel, but they are works of fiction.
The books are 'stand alone' titles, so
you don't necessarily have to
read them in sequence.

I could list them as
murder/mystery, but I'd prefer
to call them 'Espionage' , and
from time to time, will
add similar authors you
might like to try to
this heading.
In the meantime, happy reading

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Caught short.....

Mmmm, apologies for the post title, but
it's hard to decide what title to use,
but hopefully it will seem
appropriate by the end
I have just finished reading
Now you can see where I was going with the post
This book is fiction based on
numerous stories about events that occurred
over the years in the Red Cross Tea Rooms
at the Brisbane City Hall.
The stories are as told by 'Mavis'
who visits the tea rooms regularly, and
observes many things while enjoying her cup of tea.
The book also covers the dilemma
faced by many when the tea rooms were closed, as
it also involved the closure of the 'sanitation area' !
 This is book has a many lovely 'remember when' type
situations,  quite a few chuckles, and some scripture
references along the way. 
 Let me know what you think :)
Happy reading,  Jenny