Monday, July 7, 2014

Recent read.....

Hi readers,
I have just finished reading
the latest title of
the Bob Skinner series by
This series started with
Skinner's Rules, and
are murder/mystery novels set in
The most recent book in the series is called...
Hour of Darkness.
The books can be read as
'stand alone' books, but if you
prefer to read them in sequence, the
story continues from book to book
with his daughter growing up, etc. and
promotions of police officers.
If I had to offer a similarity to give you
an idea what the books are like, I would
have to say the t.v. show
'Dalziel and Pascoe'
which has been on the A.B.C.
over the years.
Hopefully this will
give you an idea what to
expect before adding them to
your list of new authors
to try.
Let me know what
you think :)
Happy reading,  Jenny

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