Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dear Followers.......

yes, it's me!
As you know, I have taken
a considerable break from blogging,
and my computer.
What have I been doing? 
Quite a lot of reading.
I still feel hesitant about
getting back to my craft blog, and
travelling around 'Blog land', but
given my love of books, I have decided
to change this blog from
craft based, and use it to let people know
about books I have read.
Apologies for not visiting
you in the land of 'Blog'.
As I said earlier, I'm still not ready to
commit to blogging full on, and
will only be adding posts to this blog from
time to time, but thought you might like to know
what is going on when you
notice new posts!
I do plan to make some changes, and
mention some of my 'reading material' posts
from time to time.  I also plan to reply to
comments on my blog, but am still on
'vacation mode' as far as travel around
'Blog land' is concerned.
I think that covers
everything!  I hope everyone
is keeping well., and
having a lovely weekend.
In the meantime, best wishes, and
happy reading,  Jenny

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